I combine knowledge of digital tools with skills for communication and design

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  • Audiovisual Director2008 - Present

    Linterna Mágica Animation Studio

    In the animation field I've worked with Jimmy Murakami in "Safety". I made cartoon series for Poland, England and Mexico; highlighting "A film Eggs", "Where I'm at" Lloyd Banks + Eminem. and "More!" Laidback Luke feat D12.

  • Digital Art+GraphDesign+PH+Digital PostProd+Web 2005 - Present


    I made the art of stage and visual communication shows Paul Oakenfold in GEBA, Graphic Arts for Chris Lake, marcov, Arty, Lange and Ashley Wallabridge among others. graphic communication clubbing in Soho rosary for MDM Taura Moore Shambala Thames and many others.

  • Disc Jockey >2012 - present

    Johnny B Good Rosario

    I'm the resident DJ on Saturday´s Johnny B.good Rosario, since the opening of the franchise in my city. Perform own mixes on video format (mashups)


  • Digital Image>Specialization. Photography 2009 - present


    Improvement of techniques preproduction, lighting, post-production and digital  retouching applied in specific areas of photographic activity. The Iset 18 offers the only graduate specialization for photographers: public and free.

  • Professional Practices > Photography 2015 - present


    Training, which allows  development, in all professional areas, and photographic creation. Career with title of national validity


  • Photoshop

  • Indesign

  • Illustrator

  • Flash

  • Lightroom

  • After Effects

Program Skills

  • Dreamweaver

  • Php/Sql

  • Javascript

  • Wordpress

  • Muse

Audio/Video Skills

  • Vegas/Premiere

  • Ableton Live

  • SForge/Audition



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